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Covid19 and New Rules in 2020 Create Massive Changes To Your Retirement Account

By   April 12, 2020
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With Stormy Economic Times Ahead – Americans with Retirement Funds Are Jumping on Gold and Silver

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2020 has already become a tumultuous and challenging year for investors and is expected to bring continued thrills and chills with the increased likelihood of a slowing financial machine and an oncoming recession. The unfolding of coronavirus and the response to it have taken many thru many challenges, but, the losses from the recent high levels in the markets and the potential for a continued reversal off this recent bump up from the March 23 bottom and potentially bring trillions of greenback losses to those in the stock markets and everyone’s retirement account.

To ease some of the weight, Congress has taken it upon itself to provide a few new advantages to holders of retirement money owed which, coupled with cutting-edge changes and stimulus packages that are set to roll out and help companies and individual during the next 12 months, as well as artificially prop up the market to help spare everybody’s portfolio performances in 2020. However, with the mounting unemployment claims rising in the millions each week in and financing programs being reduced or hard to access for most, the effective of the Federal Reserve’s money printing and handouts are not providing the benefit that everybody is hoping for or expecting. Here are hot points to consider for your retirement plan and how they may be impacted this year in 2020 and what you’ll want to look at out for.

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Here’s the good news:

1. No Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) in 2020

Investors in traditional 401Ks, IRA, and comparable retirement debts recognize that they’re required to begin taking RMDs at a certain age. Until the current day, the age was designated as 70 ½ years old. However, Congress finally handed out a nice little act of comfort as as a part of an omnibus spending bill, raising the RMD age to seventy two. That bought investors some extra time and peace of mind to grow their nest eggs longer than they have been required to begin taking RMDs and paying taxes on their distributions.

Because of the terrible average performance of most retirement accounts and the hardships imposed through the coronavirus and accompanying stay at home policies and increasing unemployment rates, Congress has waived the RMD requirement for 2020 in its modern-day stimulus bill. This means that folks who ought to have needed to take RMDs this year don’t have to. Of course, in case you nevertheless need to take a distribution from your retirement payments, you can do so, you would genuinely pay the regular taxes you will otherwise need to pay. And as with any tax topics, make certain to consult with your tax adviser to find out how this might impact you.

2. Penalty-free Distributions

One of the biggest issues and and troubling rules of retirement accounts is the penalties that come with early withdrawals, i.e. folks that take a distribution in advance of being 59 ½, incur a ten percent penalty on top of taxes owed. That’s to deter those not yet in retirement age from treating retirement money owed like ATMs.

The CARES Act stimulus bill lets folks suffering from the corona virus to take an early withdrawal in any amount up to $100,000 from their IRA retirement account without having to pay the early withdrawal penalty. You will nevertheless still have to pay taxes on those distributions, however they may be deferred up to three years to pay those taxes, and that they also can return the money or pay back the money that was taking out of their IRAs within 3 years and keep from having to pay taxes on the distribution.

The corona virus is already torturing us enough – and each person’s circumstances are different. Whatever you plan to do with your IRA, we of course make the recommendation that you seek advise from your tax specialist so you understand the implications and find out how making an early distribution may affect your taxes and penalties.

3. Higher 401K Borrowing Limits

Retirement account holders can now borrow as much as $100,000 from their 401K retirement account, double the amount they had been capable of borrow formerly. As with IRAs, the 10% early withdrawal penalty has been waived. And yet again, this is supposed to be those that bave been affected by the coronavirus, so make certain to speak with both your tax adviser and your 401(k) plan administrator in advance of taking money out against your retirement account.

Here’s the bad news:

Unfortunately, with the good news that comes with the recent stimulus package and new rules, there are a few big drawbacks that come with it as well.

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1. Increased Inflation

Adding a whopping $2 trillion to the national debt within the blink of an eye in an attempt to fix the stock market as well as prop up the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet due to its new Quantitative Easing (QE) programs and adding billions of dollars to the nightly repo markets, its practically guaranteed that the result will be greater inflation.

When looking back to 2008 you may notice that the financial stimulus did not really produce much, if any inflation and are probably thinking there will not be any inflation this time around either. However, you have to consider that the Fed’s QE back then was largely neutralized by way of it showing up on the banks and financial institutions as additional monetary reserves. However, considering that is not the case here and a lot of this money is circulating throughout the market and economic machine to acquire assets and increase prices, which creates the enviroment for there to be increased inflation a very likely reality.

2. Bigger Bailouts

The CARES Act become simply step one that Congress took closer to bailing out the United States with over $2 Trillion dollar, now there’s talk of a $2 trillion infrastructure stimulus package in additional to checks being written out to people all over the nation. Now that the precedent has been set, there’s no cause for Congress no limit it further spending more money. Seriously, what’s any other trillion dollars to a country that’s extensively in debt already which is expected to shoot up well over $25 trillion this year? So long as the Fed keeps printing money and people appear to be OK with that, people and businesses will continue to ask for and take more and more handouts to keep the party going.

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3. Its the Wild West out there! – What’s next?

As it currently stands, no one knows how long the prolonged corona virus lock-downs will last until, or what the economic impact will be and when it turns around. With that being said – Congress will practically do anything to seemingly fix it, regardless of what the long-term consequences are. More stimulus checks for people. More big bailouts to companies that go bankrupt or declare monetary damages to their business from the downturn of the economy. While there is still a lot of uncertainty and it will realistically take years for all of this to unwind into a new normal – basically anything goes and nobody knows right now…

Congress is so scared right now and only sees the immediate term issues which results in them writing checks now and not necessarily how they will be paid for later. However, the only reality in this scenario is that we’ll all be paying for it later with increased taxes, or increased prices for goods, particularly with a devalued US Dollar that has been printed to infinity with trillions of new money floating around. We are definitely in strange times where money can be manufactured and circulated into the market in quantities that make this event the single largest act of socialism in world history, and don’t really think about or consider the consequences. Throughout history and repeated many times over, wanton money printing, massive debt overhangs and inflation together do not end well, and we will all have to face the music when that happens, unfortunately to the detriment of many people.

In all honesty, the government is only able to do so much as to help with the economy, prop up the stock market, and help people from tax and regulatory issues. At some stage of all this, the reality of it is that we’re responsible to take care of ourselves and we can’t “control” the market or how we have to be the ones responsible for managing and maintaining the value of our investments. Unless you’ve made smart choices to protect your assets, like investing in gold and silver, and having diversification, many people will be at risk of losing huge portions of their retirement account as the market continues to slide into a full-blown recession.

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Investing In Gold – Videos

By   March 13, 2014

Here are two videos about investing in gold that we believe are very helpful & informative:

This first one is actually a video testimonial:

This next video is actually from the World Gold Council and discusses the trends of investing in gold that came from the full year of activity for 2013. This video has some great statistics and tidbits of information that we believe any gold investor would be interested in. Check it out:

We’re here to help you understand more about investing in gold and how it can help you with securing your retirement, diversifying your portfolio, or to hedge against inflation. Please check out our other resources listed below, click here to learn more, or call a professional gold investment representative today at 855-485-0088. 

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Making An Investment In Gold For Security

By   March 6, 2014

Make An Investment In Gold For Financial Security & Diversification

Volatility in the marketplace has been a common theme these past few years. Stocks and the general monetary system have become more and more dependent upon the US Federal Reserve System pumping dollars into it by printing more. With each dollar that is printed – our currency gets diluted further and debased in value. As the Federal Reserve continues these actions – we come closer to the point where inflation kicks into high gear. That is why now, more than the last several years – its extremely important to consider making an investment in gold.

Here’s a picture of the effects of inflation over the long term. Yes – its a grim picture, however its the reality of this situation:

gold vs dollar valueGold and other precious metals such as silver have been a store of value and monetary exchange for hundreds of years – outpacing every currency in the world ever known to mankind. Making an investment in gold is also a great way to add diversification to your portfolio as well as moves you into physical assets instead of paper assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs.

Investing in precious metals, namely gold and silver, offers many benefits for your investment portfolio and provides these characteristics:

  • Gold and silver can be widely used anywhere in the world
  • Gold and silver is a finite commodity and cannot be manufactured
  • Gold and silver is easy to transfer through inheritance
  • Gold and silver offers protection against stock market swings and bank failures
  • Gold and silver comes with no management fees or reporting requirements

While gold has made a great move during the past several years, topping out around $1,900 per ounce, half of those profits have been given back to the market during the past few months where prices are currently around $1,350 per ounce. This makes an investment in gold very attractive to consider right now. The long term trend for gold is up, the fundamentals of our economy point to inflation and further financial instability – both of which are expected to push the price of gold up significantly. One of the best ways to invest in gold and help secure your financial future is through a Gold IRA. Investing in gold through your IRA provides additional tax benefits and provides a secure and safe way to invest in physical gold.

Gold-Backed-IRAThe writing is on the wall relative to our economy – with our continued dollar printing press, instability in other countries around the world, and more and more countries like India and China investing in gold and facilitating international trade in their own currency instead of he US dollar – inflation and more market volatility is inevitable.

The best way to improve your financial security for yourself and your family is to become more informed and to take action now.

Professional precious metals experts are available to take your call today to answer all of your questions and discuss the various options you have for investing in gold and silver. If you call today – you can receive a Gold Investor’s Kit for Free.

To learn more – simply call our toll-free number at 855-485-0088 or fill out the form in the upper right corner of our website. The call is completely confidential, and there is no obligation at all.

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Billionaires Are Investing In Gold

By   February 25, 2014

The Smart Money Is Investing In Gold

You know the old saying – “Follow The Smart Money” – well folks, we thought we should share with you where several billionaires and their hedge funds are allocating their capital – you guessed it – they’re investing in gold.

Billionaires and major countries like China and India are all allocating their dollars in gold to help secure their financial future. 

investing in gold

Billionaires, hedge fund managers and countries alike are buying gold. Here are some of the reasons why they choose to invest in gold:

  • Gold can be widely used anywhere in the world
  • Gold is a finite commodity and cannot be manufactured
  • Gold is easy to transfer through inheritance
  • Gold offers protection against stock market swings and bank failures
  • Gold comes with no management fees or reporting requirements

investing in gold - rogers

investing in gold - einhorn

investing in gold - klarman

Here are a few reasons why you should be too: 

  • The value of gold has remained steady over time, and has outlasted every single currency known to mankind.
  • Gold is a known store of value and a safe haven against inflation and financial crises.
  • Gold has consistently outperformed stock market, real estate and currency investing since the US went off the gold standard in 1971!
  • Long term gold prices have trended upward for the past 10 years and experts expect them to continue rising!
  • You protect yourself against the risks of investing solely in stocks, bonds and mutual funds (paper assets) that can easily be manipulated!

So, what can you do to protect, and even grow, your wealth today?

Investing in silver and gold is easier than ever before. There are so many reasons to invest in precious metals and so many more examples of famous people, billions and countries alike that are piling up.

The real question is why haven’t you invested in gold or silver yet?

  • Are you not sure how to do it?
  • Do you have questions or concerns that you want answered before you make a decision?
  • Is your investment portfolio protected from inflation and doing so well that you don’t need to?

We understand your hesitation and that’s why we’ve created this website and provide direct access to gold investment professionals from one of the leading gold investment companies in the US (Regal Assets).

We Make It Easy With A Simple 3-Step Process:

  1. Call Us toll free to ask any questions you have. There is absolutely no obligation.
  2. If you decide to make an investment – Buy the Gold or Silver that is best for you
  3. Let us help you set up a Self-Directed IRA with an IRA Custodian

Call today at 855-485-0088 (toll-free) or click this link to directly speak with a professional gold investment representative to answer your questions and claim your FREE Gold Investors Kit.


Gold Price Today

By   February 11, 2014

The gold price today is provided in the chart below. Gold has been a store of value for several thousand years and is the oldest form of monetary exchange still in use today, out pacing every currency ever known to mankind. Gold is a precious metal commodity that is bought and sold daily on various trading exchanges on a world wide scale. In term of gold prices, they are provided on the basis of one ounce (1 oz.) of gold as the international standard of measurement.

Gold Price Today (Chart):

Gold Price Today – Chart

(chart provided by


In addition, there are numerous other resources available on this site that discuss gold ira investing, buying gold and even self directed IRAs.Whatever your interests are regarding gold investments, you can find it here on Premier Gold IRA.

Investing in gold has become easier than ever before and Premier Gold IRA works with the leading gold IRA company. If you want to invest in gold through your retirement account or rollover an existing IRA into a precious metals or gold IRA, professional advisers are available right now to help you and to walk you through the simple process.

The current Gold Price has recently been trading in the $1,200 – $1,300 range for the past couple of months and believe its poised to make a nice move up again. There has been renewed interest in the shiny metal and many economic indicators, including the recent uptick in oil show strength in the market with many new investors buying.

We understand that you might be thinking about investing in gold and are just not sure what to do, or how to invest in gold the right way. Your concerns and questions are the exact reason why we created this website and aligned ourselves with one of the best gold investment companies in the industry – to help you get educated about investing in precious metals and to give you the resources and access to professionals that can answer your questions, help explain the various options about buying gold and silver, and provide the assurance that you’re making a great investment choice.

Professional advisers are waiting to assist you today and answer your questions about buying gold and silver. Call our toll-free number at 855-485-0088 for a free confidential consultation – there is no obligation and we’ll send you a Free Gold Investors Kit just for calling.

Here are some additional resources that you might find helpful:

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Gold IRA Investing

By   February 10, 2014

At Premier Gold IRA, we’re here to help you learn and understand the ins and outs of gold IRA investing since in many cases, it is something new that people have a lot of questions about. As with any IRA account (individual retirement account), a gold IRA is simply where you invest in physical gold as part of your investment portfolio. Instead of investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, investing in gold helps you to diversify your portfolio by adding a new asset class (stocks and bonds are different types of asset classes), in addition, gold acts as a hedge against inflation, and gold has acted as a store of value for thousands of years, more than any currency, stock or bond known to mankind.

Gold IRA investing entails the purchase or investment of physical gold for your IRA. Physical gold, which we explain in further detail in another article, comes in two basic forms – coins or bullion bars. The vast majority of all gold coins and bullion that are purchased for gold IRA investing come in denominations of one ounce (1 oz.) which is considered to be the international standard of weight measurement when it comes to precious metals.


Gold IRA Investing – Getting Started

Investing in a gold IRA requires you to have three simple things which we can help you get set up. The first thing that is needed is a self directed IRA – this is specialized structure that is set up as part of your IRA that enables you to make investments in things other than stocks and bonds, principally in things like gold and silver. The second requirement that you will need is to have a custodian that helps manage and maintain your self directed IRA. Similar to how your brokerage account manages your current IRA, the custodian manages your self directed IRA. And last but not least – the third thing you need is to purchase some gold to complete the “investment” portion of your gold IRA.

The custodian can also act as the depository of the gold so it is held in safe-keeping on your behalf in a secured and protected vault. This helps to insure that your investment is safe and eliminates the risk of it being lost or stolen in the case where people leave it stashed somewhere i their house. Similar to a bank, the depository acts as your gold bank where it stores and keeps your physical gold investment safe that is assigned to your specific account.


Working With A Real Gold IRA Company

Premier Gold IRA has conducted extensive research on gold IRA investing and purchasing precious metals for the benefit of creating our service and connecting you with the best Gold IRA company. While there are numerous companies making claim to be a gold IRA company, many times they are acting as mere brokers or consultants, or are a small company that has limited resources. Investing in your retirement plan is serious business and we want to make sure you are taken care of by a real official gold IRA company – one that has the highest rating with the Better Business Bureau, a company that has fulfilled over $100 million in gold purchases, a company that will give you investing options and has been built to serve you and walk you through the entire gold IRA investment process.

To Learn More and Get A Free Gold Investor’s Kit – Call Toll-Free Today at 855-485-0088 or Fill Out The Form On The Upper Right To Submit Your Contact Information – A Professional Adviser Will Contact You Soon.

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