By   February 11, 2014

The gold price today is provided in the chart below. Gold has been a store of value for several thousand years and is the oldest form of monetary exchange still in use today, out pacing every currency ever known to mankind. Gold is a precious metal commodity that is bought and sold daily on various trading exchanges on a world wide scale. In term of gold prices, they are provided on the basis of one ounce (1 oz.) of gold as the international standard of measurement.

Gold Price Today (Chart):

Gold Price Today – Chart

(chart provided by


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The current Gold Price has recently been trading in the $1,200 – $1,300 range for the past couple of months and believe its poised to make a nice move up again. There has been renewed interest in the shiny metal and many economic indicators, including the recent uptick in oil show strength in the market with many new investors buying.

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